Shipping Information

Our aim is to get stuff to you as quickly as humanly possible.

If it's in stock, we ship within 7 days. If you want to order out of stock items, we'll advise you on lead times - sometimes it can be a few weeks, but good things take time, right?

We do our best to manage stock levels to the best of our ability, but sometimes mistakes happen.

On the other end of this website, are two humans who just love design and nice rugs, so please be kind. We'll get it sorted for you as quickly as possible.

Shipping Costs

We do our best to get the best deal for you, but getting stuff from A to B costs money.

We're not in business to profit from shipping, you're charged what we're charged.

At this stage, we do not ship internationally.

Small rugs (up to 90 x 152xm) $15.00
Medium rugs (up to 243cm x 304cm) $35.00
Anything bigger: $50.00